Port Douglas Day Tours

Quicksilver: 1 day Wavedancer Low Isles Cruise
CroppedImage470320-4e9ba075d8c19_1038_wdwdcrislandl ** ADF Discount Available **  
Set sail in luxury aboard Quicksilver’s 30 metre sailing catamaran, Wavedancer, to the idyllic Great Barrier Reef island, Low Isles for a day of discovery and island relaxation.
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Quicksilver: 1 day Outer Barrier Reef Cruise to Agincourt Reef (QSPD)
CroppedImage470320-4e97dc6258381_1038_qsobr-aerial-platforml ** ADF Discount Available **  
For your experience of a lifetime, Quicksilver will take you to the renowned Agincourt Reef on the edge of Australia's Continental Shelf, a jewel-like ribbon reef of spectacular coral formations, colo...
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From $14.00

Poseidon Snorkel & Dive (POS1)
CroppedImage470320-53b7d407a7d20_1038_poseidonthe-reef *** ADF Discount Available ***  
  Designed for personalised dive and snorkel adventures, Poseidon will take you on a journey of discovery as you visit 3 different reef sites on the outer Great Barrier Reef at the stunning Agincourt...
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From $30.00

The Wildlife Habitat: Entry
CroppedImage470320-5150e27cb1fb0_1017_black-neck-storks *** ADF Discount Available ***  
An open and interactive environment for guests and animals to mingle.
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From $35.00

Krystal Transport: Shuttle Bus Service
CroppedImage470320-508747a88693b_144_fleet *** ADF Discount Available ***  
Krystal Transport offers many transfers between Cairns, Cairns Airport and Port Douglas every day. Transfers from the Airport to Port Douglas and back from Port Douglas direct nonstop to the Airport....
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From $40.00

The Wildlife Habitat: Entry PLUS Breakfast with the Birds
CroppedImage470320-50f39a97127b9_1017_bwb11-update-midres *** ADF Discount Available ***  
Immersed within the Wetlands environment, experience the sights and sounds of wildlife as you enjoy a great breakfast.
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From $54.00

Active Tropics Explorer: Cape Tribulation 2 and 3 Day Overnight Tours
CroppedImage470320-4ea662c4c3b73_250_port-douglas-aerial *** ADF Discount Available ***  
Overnight accomodation and guided tour seeing all the best sites on the way to and from Cape Tribulation. Free time in Cape Tribulation in the Afternoon and Morning.        
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From $89.00

Cape Trib Connections: 1 day Cape Tribulation Tour
CroppedImage470320-4d8aa251ec71a_850_cape-trib-28-30-january-245 ** ADF Discount Available **  
Affordable Quality tours to Cape Tribulation
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From $149.00

Air Play: Hang gliding
Air Play Hang Gliding Cairns Gallery 12 300x200 *** ADF Discount Available ***  
Ever wanted to run off a cliff, soar to 1000' and glide over some of Australias most picturesque coastline? This is your chance. Call Greg at airplay hang gliding (0412000797) to fly with Cairn's mo...
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From $175.00

Calypso Half Day to Low Isles - AFTERNOON
CroppedImage470320-50a5ab668d943_218_low-isles *** ADF Discount Available ***  
Enjoy 2 hours on the sheltered Low Island and snorkel in the lagoon at the peaceful coral cay.
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From $185.00

Calypso Half Day to Low Isles - MORNING
CroppedImage470320-50a5ab1e9e747_218_low-isle-march-20100002-crop *** ADF Discount Available ***  
Enjoy 2 hours on the sheltered Low Island and snorkel in the lagoon at the peaceful coral cay
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From $185.00

Tropical Horizons: 1 day Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas & Daintree (Tour 3)
CroppedImage470320-4e6d629d73043_364_copy-of-low-res-thorizonstttnqaerialbeach-large ** ADF Discount Available **  
Visit beautiful Cape Tribulation to view World Heritage Rainforests at their best at both the Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation Beach and in the Daintree National Park! GPS activted Commentary aailab...
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From $196.00

Aquarius Luxury Sailing - Lows Isles Full Day Snorkel Tour
CroppedImage470320-50a5ab246e480_218_snorkelling-with-turtle *** ADF Discount Available ***  
Relax on board Aquarius whilst being surronded by the calm waters of Low Isles, swim up close to the coral reefs and abundant marine life while snorkelling or stay dry on the glass bottom boat while v...
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Calypso Reef Charters: 1 day Snorkel Trip + 1 Certified dive (Full Gear Hire)
CroppedImage470320-4f3f353add744_218_diving-with-turtle *** ADF Discount Available ***  
Visiting three breathtaking sites, Calypso will provide you with an experience of a lifetime. Learn about marine life and eco-systems through our interpretive reef chat on board or take part in a guid...
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From $261.50 All inclusive price